Jesus raised his eyes and said, “Father, I thank you for hearing me...I have said this that they may believe that you sent me.” [and then he] cried out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” The dead man came out, tied hand and foot with burial bands, and his face wrapped in a cloth. So Jesus said to them, "Untie him and let him go.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        John 11:1-45


March 28, 2020

Vincentian Reflection:

Jesus promises Martha (and us) that whoever “lives and believes in me will never die.”The amazing fact of our living the dying and rising of the paschal mystery is that we already share in this eternal life. We readily see the dying in our everyday lives--the pain, suffering, death, sinfulness, self-emptying, discipline, giving up our wills. This gospel challenges us to see and believe equally signs of the grace of new life--glory, joy, peace, forgiveness, mercy, trust, kindness. Living the paschal mystery draws us to see these dyings and risings as two aspects of the same mystery. The already of eternal life is God’s grace already working in our lives. (Living Liturgy, p. 80)

Vincentian Meditation

“Five years ago Thou didst bring me back almost from death, and was not this delay
granted me to do penance and become better? Ah! The prayers that were sent up to Thee
then were heard. Why should those that are being offered now, and in so far greater
number, on my behalf, be lost? Perhaps Thou wilt answer them, Lord, in another way.
Thou wilt give me courage, resignation, peace of soul, and those ineffable consolations
that accompany Thy real presence.” ~ Bl. Frédéric Ozanam

 (Ramson, Praying with Frederic, pp. 108-109)

Further Reflection

The Raising of Lazarus by Duccio  1310-11 

Kimball  Art Museum

 reflection from Loyola Press March 22, 2020

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O God, you are the healer of souls and so we pray:
When we are lonely

      -may we feel your presence.
When we are burdened by worries
      -may we be at peace in your love.
When we have sinned
      -may we know your forgiveness.  Amen

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