Home Visits

Our Saint Faustina Conference sees home visits as the heart of our organization. This is where our volunteers, called "Vincentians", visit neighbors in their homes. This in-home, person-to-person visit is a type of service that we feel is special for both the volunteer and the friend that we are assisting.  These visits help determine the exact nature and detail of help required. We talk with the family, as a friend would; we pray with them; we create a dialogue that allows them to open up to us and share what is truly happening in their lives.

People who need help often are not able to take time off from work, arrange for child care, or find transportation to seek resources. Therefore our volunteers go to them.  It is here we are able to help someone in need not only with direct assistance but with emotional and spiritual support. Sometimes, our friends are in need of a great deal of help, other times someone to pray with is all that is needed. We are there to let our friends know that someone cares.

The Society provides financial assistance for a range of needs including:

  • Rent and housing

  • Utilities

  • Food

  • Medical/Dental/Prescriptions

  • Counseling

  • Legal fees

  • Transportation

For Assistance:



Find us:

SVdP Saint Faustina Conference

PO Box 1574

Spotsylvania, VA 22551


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