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Great Expectation Students

Saint Faustina Conference is partnered with Germanna Community College in support of their program, "Great Expectations". This state of Virginia grant gives former foster youth a chance to plan for life after college.  This is a dream that they probably would have never imagine. Read more about this at Germanna Community College.

Gladys P. Todd Academy Students

Saint Faustina Conference is also partnered with Germanna with a desire to help underserved high school students in Spotsylvania County which our conference serves. These are first-generation college students with financial need. 

Saint Faustina Conference has a partnership with these two programs that serve orphan children in foster care and high school children of poor families  are given an opportunity to obtain a college education at no cost to the families.  We support these programs by providing food, snacks for between classes, and limited items at the College Bookstore. 

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